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Babel 2.0 - Where does machine translation go?Babel Syndrome (The)Babies in Intensive Care - Born and Reborn (with the collaboration of Martine Bloch)devicesBaby Through All Stages of Development (The) - Gypsy II ConferenceBaby, the Ape and Man (The)Baby, the Psychoanalyst and the Metaphor (The) - Presented by Bernard GolseBack to CapitalismdevicesBack to Work - Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong EconomydevicesBackachesBacklash - The West in the Post-Cold War PerioddevicesBad Mothers - Motherhood for Better or WorseBalzac at TabledevicesBank of the 21st Century (The) - USA, Great Britain, Japan, FrancedevicesBanking and LifeBarack Obama’s Foreign Policy (2008-2012)devicesBarefoot Bankers - MicrofinanceBattling for PeaceBaudelaire’s Brain - Neurology and MusicdevicesBe Brave, Let’s Dream! - How to Think of the Future Without Stressing OutBe Quite My PainfulldevicesBe Self-ConfidentBe Self-Confidentlocal_libraryBe Slim, Healthy and Feel Good in Your SkinBeautiful ImprudencesBeautiful Job of Being a Lawyer (The)Beauty in the Brain (The)Becoming a Magician is Becoming ProphetdevicesBecoming a Magician is Becoming Prophetlocal_libraryBecoming a Magician is Becoming WisedevicesBecoming a Magician is Becoming Wiselocal_libraryBecoming Enlightenedlocal_libraryBee (and the) Philosopher (The) - An Amazing Journey into the Hive of WisdomBee (and the) Philosopher (The) - An Amazing Journey into the Hive of Wisdomlocal_libraryBeing a Parent and Liking Yourself As You Did Before - The Strength of Mentalization within the CoupleBeing a Step-parent - The Recomposition of the FamilydevicesBeing Adult with Our AdolescentsdevicesBeing JewishBelieflocal_libraryBelief, Rationality and Irrationality: A SymposiumBelieve, See, Do - CrossingsBelieving Rather Than Seeing ? - Travels in Soviet Russia (1919-1939)devicesBenefits of Depression (The) - An Appreciation of PsychotherapyBenefits of Depression (The) - An Appreciation of Psychotherapylocal_libraryBenefits of Music for the Brains of Children and Adults (The)Benefits of the Image (The)Berlin Journal, 1989-90Best Diet For Your Baby (The) - From 0-3 years oldBest Diets from Around the WorldBest Way of Eating (The) - The Modern Diner's DisarrydevicesBetter and better and worse and worse - Understanding our world better, and using it with optimismBetween Empire and Nation: Examining Foreign PolicyBetween Hope and History - Meeting America's Challenges for the 21st CenturyBetween Two WorldsBetween You and MeBeyond All FrontiersBeyond All Frontiers (New Edition)Beyond Appearances - Quantum Gravity and the Fabric of RealityBiases of the Mind (The) - Ways of thinking modeled by evolutionBiblical ReadingsdevicesBig Bang (The)Big Book of Trees and Forests (The) - Draw a forest for meBig Book of Trust in Food (The) - Everything you want to know about our foodBig Boreslocal_libraryBig Mother - The Psychopathology of Political LifedevicesBig Motherlocal_libraryBig Yoga Book (The)Bilingual Brain (The)Bilingual Child (The)BioengineeringdevicesBiological ClocksdevicesBiological Evolution, Cultural EvolutiondevicesBiology in the BedroomdevicesBiology of Consciousness (The)Biology of Consciousnesslocal_libraryBiology of Death (The)devicesBiology Of Death (The)local_libraryBiology of Immortality (The) - Who wants to be immortal?Biology of Memory (The)devicesBiology of Passions (The)Biology of Passions (The)local_libraryBiology of Passions (The)Biology of Passions (New Edition) (The)Biology of Plants (The) - The genome of thale cressBiology of Power (The)Bipolar DisorderdevicesBipolar Disorder - Explanations for sufferers and their familieslocal_libraryBirth of a European PeopledevicesBirth of a Mother (The)Birth of a Mother (The) - How the Motherhood Experience Changes You Foreverlocal_libraryBirth of Predictive Medicine (The)Birth of the Elements (The)devicesBisexuality and the Order of NatureBismarck, Germany, and a United Europe - 1898-1998-2098Bits of ExistenceBlack File of Investigation Works (The) - 30 lawyers testifydevicesBlack Holes and Baby Universeslocal_libraryBlack Holes SciencedevicesBlack Sun of Paroxysm (The) - Nazism, War Violence, and NowBlockbusterdevicesBlockbusterlocal_libraryBlood of Poets (The)Blood of the Poets (The)devicesBloodhounds: A Story of the French Intelligence Services in Their Own Words (The)Blue Energy - Twenty-One Questions on EnergydevicesBody and AffectsdevicesBody Language - A Tool for Communication and InfluenceBody of LiesBody of Lieslocal_librarydevicesBody Rhythms - Eating, Sleeping and HealthdevicesBody Rhythms - Eating, Sleeping and Healthlocal_libraryBoiling Frog Syndrome (The)Book of Feet and Walking (The)devicesBooks from the Past, Readings for TodayBorderlinedevicesBorderline Personality DisorderdevicesBorderline Personality Disorderlocal_libraryBorn HumanBorn HumanBorn Humanlocal_libraryBorn in SecrecyBorn to RebelBoy Who Couldn't Stop Washing (The) - The Experience and Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive DisorderBoy Who Couldn't Stop Washing (The) - The Experience and Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorderlocal_libraryBoy Who Couldn't Stop Washing (Coll. Opus) - The Experience and Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive DisorderBPD Sufferers: Overcoming the Daily Challenges - A practical guide to home therapyBrain : Yours and Others (The)devicesBrain and Freedom (The)Brain and Speaking Disorders (The) - Aphasia, Dyslexia, Deafness, StutteringBrain as Magician (The)devicesBrain as Magician (The)local_libraryBrain Has Its Reasons Which Reason Doesn’t Know (The)Brain in Bits and Pieces (The)Brain In The 21st Century (The)Brain Science and Human KnowledgeBrain Teasers and Mathematical Puzzles - Numbers in Daily LifeBrain Teasers and Mathematical Puzzles I - The Amazing Aventures of Dr. EccoBrain Teasers and Mathematical Puzzles II - Dr. Ecco's Mathematical Detective:Codes, Puzzles, and ConspiracyBrain Teasers and Mathematical Puzzles III - Dr. Ecco's CyberpuzzlesBrain Teasers and Mathematical Puzzles IV - Tales of Strategy and LogicBrain that "Sees" (The)Brain, Degenerative Diseases, and the Discovery of Deep Brain Stimulation (The) - The History of a DiscoveryBrain, the Psyche and Development (The)Brain’s Balancing Act (The) - Understanding and Managing AttentionBreast Cancer - Knowledge EmpowersBreath of Language (The) - The Paths and Destinies of European Languages and DialectsBreath of Language (The) - The Paths and Destinies of European Languages and DialectsBreath of Language (The) - The Paths and Destinies of European Languages and Dialectslocal_libraryBreath of Language (The)Brief Answers to the Big QuestionsBrothers, Apparently - A serene and pacifist dialogue, at a time of great religious conflictBuddhism - One Teacher, Many TraditionsBusiness Leaders During the OccupationBusiness Leaders During the OccupationdevicesBusiness Leaders During the Occupation II - Petainism, Intrigues, DespoilingBy the Grace of God