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Pact of Atropos (The)Pagan PsychoanalysisPagan Psychoanalysislocal_libraryPainPandemics and Globalization - Dangerous Liaisons?Papillote Way to Help Your Child Lose Weight (The)devicesParadoxes of Capital (The)devicesParadoxes of Free Time (The)devicesParadoxes of Free Time (The)local_libraryParadoxes of Knowledge - Essays on Plato's MenoParadoxes of Psychiatry (The)Paradoxes of Voting (The)devicesParadoxical Logic of Strategy (The)ParanoiaParanoiaParanoialocal_libraryParent Burnout (The) - Avoiding it and getting away with itParent Burnout (The) - Avoiding it and getting away with itParent confident, happy childParents Like the Others - Homosexuality and ParentingdevicesParents Need Love, TooParents of the Same SexParents Under the Influence - Are we condemned to repeat our parents' education?ParisParis SniperdevicesParis, Capital of Philosophy - From the Fronde to the RevolutiondevicesParkinson's DiseaseParkinson's DiseaseParticle Hunters (The)Passion for Golf Game (The) - The Winner’s PsychologydevicesPassion in FriendshipdevicesPassions of the Spirit - Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Paintings in the Changeux CollectionPast of the Present (The) - A Prehistorian’s ChroniclesPasta Diet (The)devicesPasta Diet (The)local_libraryPasteur and his Lieutenants - Roux, Yersin and the OthersdevicesPasteur et Koch - A Duel Between Giants in the Microbial WorldPasteur’s Nephew - Or the Adventurous Life of Adrien Loir, Scholar and Globe-Trotter (1862-1941)Paths of Hope (The)devicesPaths of Hopelocal_libraryPaths of Power (The)Paths of the Republic (The)Paul Broca: Explorer of the BrainPaul Tournal, The Inventor Of PrehistoryPaul Valéry, In Love with his Brain - Curious about everything, especially himselfPeacelocal_libraryPeacemaking in the Middle AgesPens and Brushes - The influence of art on the 19th-century novelPension Funds - Between Social Protection and SpeculationdevicesPepi's VasedevicesPerformance Diet (The) - Intelligence, Memory, SexualitydevicesPerformance Diet (Coll. Opus) (The) - Intelligence, Memory, SexualityPerformance Diet (Coll. Poche) - Intelligence, Memory, Sexualitylocal_libraryPerfume - From Early Times to the Present CrisisdevicesPerineum Dialogues (The) - Lifting the veil on perineal disordersPersonalised DietingPeter Pan Syndrome (The) - Men Who Have Never Grown Uplocal_libraryPeter Pan Syndrome (Coll. Opus) (The) - The men who refuse to grow upPhantoms in the Brain - Human Nature and the Architecture of the MindPhenomenology and Physiology of ActiondevicesPhilanthropy as StrategyPhilo-Semitism - Is Philo-Semitism an Antisemitism?Philocognitives (The) - They Only Like to Think, and to Think DifferentlyPhilosophical FriendshipsPhilosophising TodayPhilosophising Todaylocal_libraryPhilosophyPhilosophyPhilosophy and Its HistoryPhilosophy of Aesthetic Surgery - Surgery as DesiredevicesPhilosophy of Logic and Philosophy of Language (1)Philosophy of Logic and Philosophy of Language (2)Philosophy of Perception - Phenomenology, Grammar and the Cognitive SciencesPhilosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology (Travaux du Collège de France)Phishing for Phools - The Economics of Manipulation and DeceptionPhysicist’s Mathematics (The)devicesPhysics Before Everything - New EditiondevicesPhysics TomorrowdevicesPhysics word by worddevicesPhysiology of Truth: Neuroscience and Human Knowledge (The)Pierre Brossolette - A Hero of the French ResistancedevicesPierre CuriePityPlacebo Mystery (The)local_libraryPlaces of Asylum - Should We Open Psychiatric Wards?Planet Earth : Six Challenges for 2050Pleasure and Harm - The Philosophy of DrugsPleasure of Music (The)Plural Nation (The) - The Future of Central and Eastern European MinoritiesdevicesPolitical LiesPolitical Philosophies for Our Times - A European ItinerarydevicesPolitical Reading of the BiblePolitics of Capital (The)Politics of the BibledevicesPompidou, Captain of IndustryPortable Psychoanalyst (The) - A New Approach for Self-KnowledgePortrait of the Brain as an ArtistdevicesPortrait of the Brain as an Artistlocal_libraryPost-Covid, Reinventing Our Mental HealthPostgenomic Life, - or What is Self-organisation?)devicesPour que votre enfant n’ait plus peurPoutine’s RussiaPower of an Encounter (The) - An encounter can change your lifePower of Creative Destruction (The) - A publishing event in Economics!Power of Emotions (The) - Love, Anger, JoyPower of Emotions (Coll. Poche) (The) - Love, Anger, Joylocal_libraryPower of Finance (The)Power of Healing (The) - The History of Illness as an IdeaPower of Love (The)Power of Mind over Body (The)local_libraryPower of Odours (The)Power of Odours (The)devicesPower of Seduction (The)devicesPower of Thought in a Distracted and Violent World (The)Power of Tolerance (The)Power of Weakness (The)Power People and Nuclear MushroomsPower People and Nuclear Mushroomslocal_libraryPowerful Yet Fragile: Companies Under Democracypowers of curiosity (The)powers of gratitude (The) - A little thank-you can go a long waypowers of hope (The)Praise of Imperfection - New EditionPre-AmblesPré-ambules - Man's First StepsPreambles - Man's First Stepslocal_libraryPrecautionary Principle (The)devicesPrehistory and Human Palaeontology - 22 years in College of France (1983-2005)devicesPrehistory and Human Palaeontology - 22 years in College of France (1983-2005)local_libraryPrelude to the Symphony of the New WorldPremature Child (The) - Cognitive Development in Premature InfantsPreparing the 21st CenturyPreparing the 21st CenturyPreparing the children for kindergartenPreparing, Protecting and Educating Children and Adolescents for Life in a Digital WorlddevicesPresence of the Kanak People (The)Present Moment in Psychotherapy and Everyday Life (The) - A World In a BlipPresent of the Past 4 (The) - Pastilles of PrehistoryPresent of the Past II (The)Present of the Past II (The)local_libraryPresent of the Past to the Third Power (The) - Prehistoric NewsdevicesPresent of the Past to the Third Power (The) - Prehistoric Newslocal_libraryPresident and the Bomb (The)PretextsdevicesPreventing and Healing BackachePreventing and Healing BackachePreventing and Overcoming Academic FailuresdevicesPreventing and Overcoming Job-related DepressionPreventing Radicalization: Jihadism, TerrorismPrevention and Treatment of Heart Diseases (The)devicesPrey into Hunter: - The Politics of Religious ExperiencePrice of a Smoke (The)devicesPrice of Well-being (The)devicesPrima Donna - Opera and the UnconsciousPrimal Triangle (The) - Mother, Father and InfantPrimo Levi RevisiteddevicesPrince, The Court, The People (The)Print of the Senses (The)Priority: The Brain - From Findings to TreatmentsdevicesPrison - An Anthropologist in a PenitentiarydevicesPrivate Confidences - Female Sexual Desire and Male BodiesdevicesPrivate Lives - From the Child-Ruler to the Child-Victimlocal_libraryPrivate Lives: - From the Child-Ruler to the Child-VictimdevicesProbable, the Possible and the Virtual (The)devicesProcess (The) - 1,100 Days that changed the Middle EastProcreation - History and Forms of RepresentationPromised Land that Promised Too Much (The)devicesPromised LandsPromises and Threats at the Dawn of the 21st CenturyPromises Lovers Make When It Gets Late - Sex, Love and FidelityProstate (The)Prostate Cancer (The)Protecting Marine BiodiversityProtecting Your Inner Self - Defending Yourself to Act More EffectivelydevicesProtecting Your Inner Self - To Live Fullylocal_libraryProtectors (The) - An Inside History of the French GendarmerieProtohistory - The Awakening of the West (7000-2000 BCE)Proust, Memory and LiteratureProust’s LibrarydevicesPrudence and Authority - The Judge’s Role in the 21st CenturyPseudosciences and Postmodernism - Rivals or Travelling Companions?Psyche, Stress and Immunity (The) - Health is within UsdevicesPsychiatric EvaluationdevicesPsychiatry Today - From Diagnosis to TreatmentdevicesPsychic Causality Between Nature and Culture (The)Psychic Distress - A New Approach to CarePsychic Injuries of Great War (The)Psychic Trauma of War (The)devicesPsychoanalysis and Its Great DebatesdevicesPsychoanalysis and LifedevicesPsychoanalysis and MoneyPsychoanalysis and ResiliencePsychodrama: As Powerful an Experience as Life ItselfPsychological Automatism (Coll. Opus)Psychological Harassment in the WorkplacePsychological Health of Those Who Made the World (The)Psychological Trauma: Sixteen LessonsdevicesPsychology and Psychiatry of Pregnancy - Becoming a MotherPsychology of (Overly) Gifted Children (The )Psychology of Cancer (The) - A New ApproachdevicesPsychology Of Dogslocal_libraryPsychology of Everyday Life (The)devicesPsychology of Everyday Life (The)local_libraryPsychology of FearPsychology of Fearlocal_libraryPsychology of Good and Evil (The)devicesPsychology of Power (The)Psychology of Solitude (The)devicesPsychology of Solitude (The)local_libraryPsychopathology of Collective Violence (The)devicesPsychosomatic Illusion (The)Psychosomatic Illusion (The)local_libraryPsychosomatic Medicine ChallengedPsychotherapiesPsychotherapy - Does It Serve Any Purpose?devicesPsychotherapy and Virtual Reality - Anxiety, phobias and addictionsPsychotherapy from Godlocal_libraryPsychotherapy from GodPublic Hospital is Ill: Diagnosis and Treatment (The) - Hospitals save lives, let’s save them too!Public Services - A Question of the FuturePull Together, Everyone! - We can succeed and rise againPulse is changing our lives (This) - InspirationPutting an End to the Sacrifice EconomyPutting One's Heart into One's WorkPutting Our Schools Firstdevices