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Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital FutureMadame de Sévigné and MedicinedevicesMade-to-Order BeautydevicesMade-to-Order Brain (The)devicesMade-to-Order Brain (The)local_libraryMadness and Memory (The) - The Discovery of Prions — A New Biological Principle of DiseaseMadness Multiplied by 3Magic of Materials (The)Magic Thoughts - 50 stimulating life stories that teach the art of happiness and joie de vivredevicesMaigrir vite et bien (Nouvelle édition)Major and Minor Types of Anxietylocal_libraryMajor and Minor Types of AnxietydevicesMake Your Brain Dancelocal_libraryMaking of Beauty (The)Making of Beauty (Coll. Opus) (The)Making of Man (The)Making of the Image (The)Making One's Way in the CityMaking Peace With Your PastdevicesMaking Peace With Your Pastlocal_libraryMale Beauty GuideMale SexualitydevicesMale/ Female I - The Thought Process of Differencelocal_libraryMale/Female - The Thought Process of DifferencedevicesMale/Female II - Dissolving the HierarchydevicesMale/Female II - Dissolving the Hierarchylocal_libraryMan and his brain - Psychoanalysis and NeuroscienceMan and his DogdevicesMan of Truth (The)Man Who Chased His Star (The)Man Who Walked in the Rain (The) - A Psychoanalyst and LacandevicesMan without a Face (The) - And Other Stories from a Neurologist's Daily PracticedevicesManagement Rescued by PhilosophyManaging CrisesdevicesManaging the PlanetdevicesManaging Your Time WelldevicesManic-Depressive - Pierre's Case HistoryManic-Depressive - Pierre's Case Historylocal_libraryManifesto for Fair and Egalitarian HealthcaredevicesManifesto for a New Economic PolicyManifesto for a Sombre Fin de SiècleManifesto for a Sovereign EuropeManifesto Of Altruism (The)devicesManufacture of Children (The)Many Faces of the Unconscious (The)devicesMany Facets of Adolescence (The)devicesMany Facets of Adolescence (The)local_libraryMao Years in France: Before, During, and After May ‘68 (The)Margaret Thatcher: The Iron LadydevicesMarie Curie - New éditionMarie-Antoinette’s DoctordevicesMark of Others (The)devicesMarkets of Motherhood (The)Marks of Time (The) - A memoirMarquis de Sade and the Law (The)devicesMarrakech, Departure PointdevicesMarriage, Its Rules and CustomsMars Blue Planet?devicesMartingales and Financial MarketsdevicesMasculine Feminine IMasculine Feminine IIMass ProsperityMaster Control Genes in Development and Evolution: The HomeoboxMaster of Time (The) - Modernity in Government ActionMastering ReadingMastering Your VoicedevicesMaternity - From the First Steps to the First CriesMaternitydevicesMath and WordsMathematical Mind Games and Enigmas I - The Amazing Aventures of Dr. EccoMathematical Plots at PrincetondevicesMathematics and Financial Risk-TakingdevicesMathematics and Physics for EveryoneMathematics: A How-to GuidedevicesMatter for ThoughtMaurice Schumann - His Voice and FaceMeals of the Past, Meals of the WorldMeaning of Europe (The) - Winning the Peace (1950-2003)devicesMeanings of Laughter (The) - and HumourdevicesMechanics of Passions: The New Contemporary Individualism (The)Mechanics of Reading Skills (The) - Learning to read, but how and why?devicesMedia and Journalists in the French RepublicdevicesMedical Revolution In Cancer Treatment (The) - Story and HopedevicesMedically-Assisted ProcreationMedication for the BrainMedication of the Future (The)devicesMedieval City (The)devicesMeditation and BrainMeditation Exercises to Improve Your BrainMeet AdolescentsdevicesMemoires of an ArchitectdevicesMemoirsMemoirsMemoirsMemoirsdevicesMemoirslocal_libraryMemoirs IIMemoirs of a Heretic: Hypnosis and ResistanceMemoirs of a Protohistorian - In Search of Peoples Without WritingMemoirs of a RebelMemoirs of Two Prehistorians (The)Memoirs: From the Vel d’Hiv to the H-BombdevicesMemorizing without MemorizationMemory of a Mammoth - Science, past and presentMemory Without RecallMemory, how to preserv it and develop itdevicesMen Need Love, TooMen Need Love, Toolocal_libraryMen's QuestionsMen's QuestionsdevicesMenstrual Disorderslocal_libraryMental Health in France (The)Mental Health of Geniuses (The) - Geniuses of good, geniuses of evil: what’s the difference?Mental Wounds - The Strength to Start OverdevicesMeritocratic Illusion (The)Mesmerism and the End of the Enlightenment in FranceMessenger RNA Revolution (The) - Vaccines and New TherapiesMetamorphoses of Humans (The)Metamorphosis of Democracy (The)devicesMetapolis - Or, the Future of CitiesdevicesMetapolisMichel FoucaultMichel Foucault, interviewsMicrobes or Humans: Who Will Be the Winner?devicesMicrobiotic Man - Humans and microbes: thousands of years of a shared history — for better or for worse.Microcredit’s Real RevolutionMid-Life Crisis - A Second ChancedevicesMid-life Crisis - A second chancelocal_libraryMiddle Kingdom (The) - The United States and the World Since the End of the Cold WardevicesMigraineMigrainedevicesMigrants, Refugees, and Exile - Colloquium at the Collège de FranceMind Children - The Future of Robot and Human IntelligenceMind Doesn't Work That Way (The) - The Scope and Limits of Computational PsychologyMind WarsdevicesMind-Machine (The)devicesMindful Path to Self-Compassion (The) - Freeing Yourself from Destructive Thoughts and EmotionsdevicesMindful Way through Depression (The)Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic WorlddevicesMine Clearance of France after 1945 (The)Mirage of Leadership Challenged by Neuroscience (The)Mirror NeuronsdevicesMirror Neuronslocal_libraryMisbehavior of Markets: A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin and Reward (The)Mismeasure of Man (The)Mismeasure of Man (The)Missteps of Finance (The)Mitterrand: The End of the Cold War and German Unification - From Yalta to MasstrichtModern Anti-SemitismdevicesModern Denial of Human Nature (The)Modern Relationships and the Family - The response of the law to the transformation of the family and the coupleModern State, Effective StatedevicesModern Thermodynamics - From Heat Engines to Dissipative StructuresMonetary Systems - From individual needs to international realitiesMoneydevicesMoney - Life and Deadlocal_libraryMoney: Between Debt and SovereigntyMonitoring and Treating High Blood PressureMonkeys in the Kitchen - How Cooking Made Us HumanMonotheism is a Form of HumanismMonsters Under the Bed and Other Childhood Fears - Helping Your Child Overcome Anxieties, Fears, and PhobiasMontaigne - A Political BiographyMontaigne - Thinking about the SocialMontaigne - The Self, the Other and TimeMoods SoulMore Serene - A How-To Guide to Stress and Inner BalanceMother and SondevicesMother and Sonlocal_libraryMother's Part (The)Motherhood, the Cradle of HumanityMothers and Fatherslocal_libraryMothers’ Emotional and Physical Burnoutlocal_libraryMothers in Capital LettersdevicesMothers Who Suffer from Emotional and Physical Exhaustion - Maternal Burn-outdevicesMothers-in-Law - Fathers-in-Law, Daughters-in-Law and Sons-in-LawdevicesMothers-in-Law - Fathers-in-Law, Daughters-in-Law and Sons-in-Lawlocal_libraryMothers, Liberate Your Daughters!local_libraryMothers: Liberate Your Daughters!devicesMotivated Adolescents - The Benefits of Positive PsychologyMourning and HealthMozart's BraindevicesMozart’s BrainMozart’s Brainlocal_libraryMrs Neanderthal Meets Homo sapienslocal_libraryMultiple IntelligencesdevicesMultiple SclerosisMultiple SclerosisMum, Why Are You Crying? - Emotional Disorders Linked to Pregnancy and MotherhooddevicesMurder in the Family - Parricide and Infanticide in China (18th-19th Century)Muscle, Sport and Longevity (The)devicesMusic of the Spheres (The)devicesMusic or Death - The language of music explained by an eminent linguistMusic: From Creative Genius to Healing TherapyMusical Brain (The )devicesMusical Brain (The)local_libraryMuslims and Jews in the Arabic WorldMutterings of Ghosts (The)devicesMutterings of Ghosts (The)local_libraryMy American JourneydevicesMy Anti-Ageing PromisedevicesMy Battle for Health - Putting an End to 20 Years of NeglectMy ChildMy Child Is ConfrontationalMy Child is Defiant - What Should I Do? What Should I Say?My Child is Defiant - What Should I Do? What Should I Say?My Child Is HappydevicesMy Child Is Happylocal_libraryMy Child is Sad - How to Help a Depressed ChildMy Combat for FrancedevicesMy Combat for PeacedevicesMy Detoxifying Method Using Acid-Base NutritiondevicesMy Dog is HappydevicesMy HopesMy Ideas for the FuturedevicesMy LifeMy Lifelocal_libraryMy PregnancyMy Pregnancy, My Child - The Expectant Mother's BookMy Pregnancy, My Child - The Expectant Mother's BookMy Pregnancy, My Child - The Expectant Mother's BookMy Struggle For Autistic ChildrendevicesMy teen and I - Understanding Your ChildMy Victory Over AutismdevicesMyelin - Turbocharging The BrainMysteries of creativity (The ) - Psychoanalysis and aestheticdevicesMysteries of the Human Body (The)Mystery of Consciousness (The)Mystery of the Placebo (The)devicesMyth of Tapir Shaman (The) - An Essay in Psychoanalytic AnthropologydevicesMyth of the First Three Years (The)