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I Am the Crazy OneI Beat Lyme’s DiseaseI Can't Stop Washing, Checking, Counting - Living with a Compulsive-Obsessive DisorderI Can't Stop Washing, Checking, Counting - Living with a Compulsive-Obsessive DisorderI Enjoy Getting Older - The Brain – Master of TimeI Have a Child Whenever I WantI Hear Voices – So What? - Living With One’s Voices and Auditory HallucinationsI Love My Mother’s Cooking, Minus the KilosdevicesI must tell you - MemoirsdevicesI rememberI Stand by My ActionsI Was Bulimic, ToodevicesI Wish I'd Made you Angry EarlierIce of Antarctica (The) - Memory and PassionsdevicesiConomic Revolution (The) - France Faces the Third Industrial RevolutiondevicesIdeal Family (The) - The Social Life of MongeeseIdeas Factory (The)devicesIdeas on the WayIdentity and ViolencedevicesIdentity and ViolenceIf I Had Only One More Hour to LiveIlliterate Brain (The)devicesIlluminations - Cosmos And DesigndevicesIllusions and Disillusions of PsychoanalysisIllusions and Disillusions of Psychoanalysislocal_libraryImaginary Physical Defects - Understanding and Treating Dysmorphic DisordersdevicesImmigrates Families MemoriesdevicesImmigrationdevicesImmigration in the French Countryside: 19th-20th CenturydevicesImmune System’s Strategies (The) - Developing New Treatments for Major DiseasesImmunotherapy of cancers - History of a medical revolutionImpact of 2006 (The) - Demographics, Growth, EmploymentdevicesImpact of 2006 (The)local_libraryImpact of Appearance (The)devicesImpact of Appearance (The)local_libraryImperfect CompetitionImperfect, free and Happy - How to Live in Friendship with Yourselflocal_libraryImperfect, free and Happy - How to Live in Friendship with YourselfImperial Presidency (The)Imperial Temptation (The)devicesImportance of Sexuality (The)devicesImprint of Dinosaurs (The)devicesImprint of Dinosaurs (The)local_libraryImprint of Dinosaurs (Coll. Opus) (The)Imprint of the Familial Body (The) - Memory of ScarsImprint of the Senses (The) - Perception, Memory and LanguageImprint of the Senses (Coll. Opus) (The) - (New Edition)Improved Therapies for OCD - Brain Stimulation Offers HopeIn Defence of a Viable World - Global Change for Planetary ViabilitydevicesIn Defence of an Ecological Sixth RepublicdevicesIn Defence of Social ProtectiondevicesIn Defense of Civic ServiceIn Praise of Judicial BarbaritydevicesIn Praise of our Sense of SmelldevicesIn Search of Another TimeIn Search of Memory - The Emergence of a New Science of MinddevicesIn Support of a New Wisdom - Third Generation PsychotherapiesdevicesIn Support of a New Wisdom - Third Generation Psychotherapieslocal_libraryIn the Eye of the MirrorIn the Name of the French People - Trial by Jury or by Professional Judges?devicesIn the Name of the RepublicdevicesIn the Shadow of Lights - A Debate between a Philisopher and a ScientistIn the Time of Souls and Seasons - Psychology and EcologyIncredible Mister Maxwell - The History of an EmpireIncredible Mister Pierre Gilles de Gennes - MemoriesIncrement (The)devicesIndependence and SovereigntyIndia - The Desire of NationhoodIndividual and Twentieth-Century Crises (The)devicesIndomitables - Portraits of AnorexicsIndomitables (The) - Portraits of AnorexicsIndomitables - Portraits of Anorexicslocal_libraryInfant’s World (The)Infectiousness of Ideas (The)Infertility and the Pain It Causes - Nine Months in a Psychoanalyst’s LifeInfinite Universe (The)devicesIngenious Engineer (The) - Practical ExercisesdevicesInhuman Conditions - Battling the IntolerableInjuries of Intimacy (The)devicesInjuries of Intimacy (The)local_libraryInner Cinematography and AwarenessInnovating Like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Steve JobsInsolent TestamentdevicesIntegrating Islam - Political and Religious Challenges in Contemporary FranceIntellectual Impostureslocal_libraryIntelligence and Intelligence Gathering in DemocraciesIntelligence HandbookIntentionality - Problems in the Philosophy of MindInternal Enemies - Obsessions and CompulsionsdevicesInternal Enemieslocal_libraryInternal PeaceInternational Environmental LawdevicesInternational Struggle Against Terrorism (The)devicesInternet Machin (The)Internet Manual (The)Interrupted MemoirsInterrupted Memoirslocal_libraryInterventions - A Life in War and PeacedevicesIntimate Brain (The)devicesintimate brain (The)local_libraryIntroduction au siècle des menacesdevicesInventing the CoupleInventing the Couplelocal_libraryInventing the Great LouvreInvention of Christ (The) - The Genesis of a ReligiondevicesInvention of Christ (The)local_libraryInvention of Forms (The) - Chaos, Catastrophes, Fractals, Strange Attractors and Dissipative StructuresInvention of Populations (The) - Biology, Ideology and PoliticsInvention of the Sansculotte (The)Invention of the State (The) - Léon Duguit, Maurice Hauriou and the Birth of Modern French Public LawInvesting in Social IssuesdevicesInvesting in Social Issueslocal_libraryInvisible Dimension (The) - The Challenge of Time and InformationInvoice for Fixed Ideas (The)devicesIrène Joliot-Curie - BiographyIrrational (The)devicesIrresistible Ascension Of Digital (The) - Europe and the rest of the worlddevicesIs Family Happiness Possible?devicesIs God a Mathematician?Is Luxury Worth Considering? - An anthropology of luxuryIs Man a Political Ape?devicesIs Man a Political Ape?local_libraryIs Science Necessary?Is Taxation Confiscation?Is there anybody there ? - Psychoanalysis and NeuroscienceIs there anybody there ? - Psychoanalysis and NeuroscienceIs There Somebody In?local_libraryIs There Somebody In? - Through the Glass Wall: Journeys into the Closed-Off Worlds of the AutisticIslamdevicesIslam and Europe, From the Origins to the PresentdevicesIslam and the West - A Meeting with Jacques DerridadevicesIslam, Phobia, GuiltdevicesIssue of Being (The)It Worked for Me - In Life and LeadershipdevicesIt's All in the Head - Emotion, Stress, ActiondevicesIt's All in the Head - Emotion, Stress, ActionIt's All in the Head - Emotion, Stress, Actionlocal_libraryItinerary of an Abused Child - Hate, love, and life