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Radium GirldevicesRamparts Against the Rule of MoneydevicesRapid and Healthy Weight LossRapid and Healthy Weight LossRationality and FreedomRead, write and be free - From Literacy to DemocracyReading and the BraindevicesReading Lévi-StraussReal Anticancer Diet (The)devicesReappraising the School SystemdevicesReason and PleasuredevicesReason and Pleasurelocal_libraryRebirth of Hasidism, from1945 to the present (The)Rebounding - How to Turn a Career Change into a Real BreakdevicesRebuilding Oneself After a Life-Altering IncidentRecent News of Ordinary ObjectsdevicesRecent News of Ordinary Objectslocal_libraryRecognising and Treating Bipolar and Obsessive-Compulsive DisordersdevicesReconstructing Social Law to Reform How the Labour Market FunctionsReconstructing the Legal SystemdevicesRecounting the Law - Delving into the Origins of the Judicial ImaginationdevicesRecovered Children of the Republic - Reflections and Practices of Network of Priority EducationRecovering the Will to Live - Stories of RebirthdevicesRecreating Social Ties - Liberty, Equality, AssociationRecurrent Depressive StatesRedeeming HistorydevicesRediscover the Value of Democracy - In Praise of Common SensedevicesRediscovering IntimacyReducing Suffering in the Workplace - With New Forms of ManagementdevicesRedundant Peoplelocal_libraryReflecting on the FuturedevicesReflections on the BodyReflections on the Mass of the WorldReflections on the Mass of the Worldlocal_libraryRéformer la police et la sécuritéReforming Nursery School EducationdevicesRegretting Being a Mother - Being a Mother and Being Oneself Isn’t EasyRegulating GAFA - Taking back control!Regulation and Capitalist CrisesRehearsing Life Scenarios - Tomorrow Is Another DaydevicesRehearsing Life Scenarios - Tomorrow Is Another Daylocal_libraryReinventing the Meaning of Your JobdevicesRelaxation and meditationdevicesRelaxation and SexualityRelaxation and Sexualitylocal_libraryReligions, the Word and PeaceReligious Dispute (The) - Fifteen Centuries of MisunderstandingsdevicesReligious Freedom in the French Republic - Restoring the Spirit of French SecularismRenaissance of America (The) - foreword to Pascal LamyRenaissance of Asia (The)Renaissance of Asia (The) - (New Edition)Renewal of Scientific Observation (The)Republican Monarchy (The) - State and Society in France Under Louis XIVResearch and Innovation in FranceResearch and Innovation in FranceResearch and Innovation in FranceResearch and Innovation in France - FutuRIS 2009Research and Innovation in France - FutuRIS 2010Research and Innovation in France - FutuRIS 2011devicesResearch and Innovation in France (The) - FutuRIS 2013devicesResearch and Innovation in France - FutuRIS 2014-2015Research and innovation in France 2016 - Futuris 2016Research in Times of Epidemics - From AIDS to CovidResearch Perspectives in MacroeconomicsdevicesResentment in HistorydevicesResentment in Historylocal_libraryResilience - The BasicsdevicesResilience - from Research to PracticeResilience and AgeingResilience in the MediterraneanResilience Through Sport - Understanding and achieving our limits in sportResilience: From Cells to Societies - The 2nd World Congress on ResilienceResistance (1927-1943) (The)Resistance and Dissuasion - The French Nuclear Industry from Its Origins to the PresentRestoring Hope - An ABC of Positive PsychiatryResuscitatedRethinking EuropedevicesRethinking the 21st Century Through Its CrisesRetraining Judgement - How to avoid fooling yourselfReturn of Dr Knock (The) - An Essay on Cardiovascular RiskReturn of WarRevelation about Laws of NaturedevicesRevenge of History (The)Reviewing PsychoanalysisdevicesRevolution in Eye Surgery (The) - the Journey of a Great SurgeonRevolution Of Female Pleasure (The)devicesRevolution of Finance: Act II (The)Revolutionary News - The Press In France, 1789-1799Revolutions in Biology and the Human ConditionRhythm and LightdevicesRight of Interference (The) - Transformation of International OrderdevicesRight of SanctuariesdevicesRight Treatment: Knowing how to use psychotropic medication (The)devicesRight Usage of the Precautionary Principle (The)devicesRights and Liberties in France and in the United KingdomdevicesRights of Life (The)Rise Again, France - State of emergencyRise Up and WalkdevicesRites of the AfterlifeRoad to Reality (The) - A Complete Guide to the Laws of the UniverseRobert Debré, a French vocation - A very great physician, a great scientist, a model for the FrenchRobots and AvatarsRoles We Play (The)devicesRomantic DependencedevicesRomantic Dependence - When Sex and Love Become Addictivelocal_libraryRomantic FictionsRoom for ImprovementRoom for Improvement - Motivating Your Child AcademicallydevicesRoom for Improvementlocal_libraryRoots of Evil (The) - A Neurobiologist's ThoughtsRoots of Transhumanism (The ) - France 1930-1980Rosewood: The Final Enigma of the Cold WardevicesRoyal Censorship of Books in Enlightenment FranceRussian Comeback (The)