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A Baby Doesn’t Wait - Identifying, Treating, and Preventing Distress in the Very Young ChildA Baby's Awakening and DevelopmentdevicesA Banker’s Unexpected Diary - An Adventure, A Profession (1943-2000)A Biography of Alberto GiacomettiA Brain Named Desire - Neuroscience, sex and loveA Century Ago Marrying for Love Was a Novelty - A New History of the Western CoupleA Century of PhysicsA Century of the Entente Cordial - Franco-British CouncilA Certain Idea of the French Left (1936-1997)A Certain Kind of Stubbornness - Living With Very Old AgedevicesA Chemist's LifeA Child in the War: MemoirsdevicesA Child in the War: Memoirslocal_libraryA China Diary (1963-2008)devicesA Chinese Man from Paris Talks about the New ChinaA Comedy of AppearancedevicesA Confident Child is a Clever Childlocal_libraryA Conversational MemoirA Conversational Memoirlocal_libraryÀ corps et à cris - How to psychoanalyse young childrendevicesÀ corps et à cris - How to psychoanalyse young childrenlocal_libraryA Criminal DesiredevicesA Day With ZOUPA Defence of MasochismA Delight in WordsdevicesA Diplomat Drinks and Eats for His CountryA Disorientated FrancedevicesA Europe for EveryoneA European Strategy for GlobalisationdevicesA Factory of PerversitydevicesA Factory of Perversitylocal_libraryA Family of ScientistsdevicesA Father's True RoledevicesA Father's True Rolelocal_libraryA female mathematician in this strange universeA Forgotten Century, the TwentiethA Form of French PridedevicesA Fractal Approach to Markets - Risk-taking, Losing and WinningA François Roustang ReaderA Game of Chance and ComplexityA General Theory of the History of ArtA Gesture of Love - Giving birth anonymouslyA Gesture of Love (Coll. Opus) - Giving birth anonymouslyA Good Head for MathsA Good Head for Mathslocal_libraryA Good Head for Mathslocal_librarydevicesA Guide to Academic Counselling - From Secondary School to UniversityA Guide to AdolescencedevicesA Guide to Adolescence: - From the Ages of 10 to 25A Guide to AdoptionA Guide to Ageing Well - Memory, Brain, Health, Sexuality, NutritionA Guide to Ageing Well - Memory, Brain, Health, Sexuality, NutritionA Guide to AllergiesA Guide to Beautiful, Healthy SkinA Guide to Childhood Nutrition - From Conception to AdolescenceA Guide to ContraceptionA Guide to Family NutritiondevicesA Guide to HomeopathyA Guide to Homeopathy for Children - Infants, Children and AdolescentsA Guide to Physical FitnessA Guide to Psychological Help for Children - From Birth to AdolescencedevicesA Guide to PsychotherapydevicesA Guide to SleepdevicesA Guide to the VoiceA Guide to TwinsdevicesA Guidebook to a Journey Around the BrainA Happy CoupleA Healing InfluenceA Healing Influencelocal_libraryA Healing InfluenceA Health Guide for Seniors - Advice, Prevention, TreatmentdevicesA Healthy DietA Healthy DietA Heartache Can Help You Grow UpdevicesA Heavy Heart - Reflections on CiorandevicesA History of France's National Identity CarddevicesA History of France’s MEDEF Employers’ AssociationdevicesA History of Life, A History of the BodydevicesA History of Opinion PollsA History of Peace - Ideas for the FutureA Layman's Treatise on PhysicsdevicesA Life in Your HandsA Life of CreativityA Life on Pointe - Dance as destinyA Light in the Dark - Cancer, Past and FuturedevicesA Little Sadness, or Severe Depression? - Knowing When to See a ShrinkA Look at the Home of Monsieur PasteurA Loving Gesture - Giving Birth AnonymouslyA Man of Our Time - From the Ecole Polytechnique to Economic Forecasting and the newspaper Le MondeA Manifesto for SciencedevicesA Marvellous MisfortunedevicesA Marvellous Misfortunelocal_libraryA Mathematician Engaged in the CenturyA Method for Avoiding BurnoutA Monkey, YourselfA Musical LifeA Nation of Irresponsible CitizensdevicesA Natural History of Sexual PleasureA Neurological Passion - Jules and Augusta DejerineA New Criminal Capitalism - Financial crises, money laundering, high-frequency tradingA New Deal for EuropedevicesA New European CooperationA new heartA New Journey to the Centre of the EarthdevicesA New Journey to the Centre of the Earthlocal_libraryA New System of Government for FrancedevicesA New WorldA new World in need of AmericaA Nod in the Direction of Life - The Great HLA AdventureA Nuclear IsthmusA Pact With the Devil? - The Challenges of Contemporary DiplomacydevicesA Paediatrician RepliesdevicesA Paediatrician Replieslocal_libraryA Part of One’s Self in the Life of OthersA Passion for DNA - Genes, Genomes and SocietyA Passion for DrinkingdevicesA Passion for Football (Soccer)devicesA Passion for Scientific ResearchdevicesA Philosopher in the ResistanceA Philosophy for the WorlddevicesA Planet of Minds - For a Politics of CyberspaceA Politically Committed FamilyA Portrait of My Father - George H. W. BushA Pragmatic Approach to the Way of the Future - How can we innovate and bring about change in society?A Program to Feed Your Brain WellA Question of Spin - Winning Strategies, Losing StrategiesdevicesA Radical Love - Belief and IdentityA real man - Understanding the Opposite SexA Scarecrows Autobiographylocal_libraryA Shell in the Middle of the Ear - Science, Education, and Other ShoresA Short Guide to a Happy Love Life - For (Slightly) Complicated Peoplelocal_libraryA Short Guide to MenopauseA Short Guide to MenopauseA Short History of BrexitA Short History of EmpathydevicesA Short History of FranceA Short History of MasturbationdevicesA Short Treatise on Kant for My SonA Single Ethical System for All?A Single Gesture Is EnoughdevicesA Social Contract for an Entrepreneurial Age - Our Happy DaysA Society in Search of MeaningA Society in Search of Meaninglocal_libraryA Solution for Africa - Bringing our Common Goods to LifeA Sovereign CurrencydevicesA Spring at HomeA State SecretA Tableau of Life - Exchanges, Emergences, ComplexityA Theory of Spatial Justice - The Geography of the Just and the UnjustA Time for Decisions - Towards a Political EconomyA Time for LovingA Tormented ScientistA Triangle of ThoughtA Twin and Unique - Enjoying Being a TwindevicesA Vet’s ConsultancydevicesA Window to Dreams - Neuropathology and sleep disorderslocal_libraryA Woman FirstdevicesA World History of Food: Tasteful TacticsdevicesA World History of Food: Tasteful Tacticslocal_libraryA World of Influences - Soft PowerA World TransformedA World Without Masters: - Order or Disorder Among Nations?ABC of Infant Care (The)devicesAbd el-Kader, Apostle of ReconciliationAbout a ManAbout Elie Wiesel - Teachings for the FuturedevicesAbout France - Vive La Différence!About Jack LangAbout Malraux - The Man Who Loved CatsAbout our daysAbraham’s MemoirsdevicesAcademic Success for All - Cognitive Sciences and Children with Learning DifficultiesdevicesAcademic Success in the Digital EradevicesAccepting Your Body ImageAccess to Online KnowledgeAcid-Base method (The)devicesAcid-Base Method (The) - How to Lose Weight, Slow the Ageing Process and Prevent Diseaselocal_libraryActing Against One’s Better JudgementAction and the Mind (The)devicesActive Liberty: Interpreting Our Democratic ConstitutionActor, the Game, and the “I” (The )Addictive Behaviour - Pyscho-active Substances: Use, Abuse and DependenceAddicts in Our MidstAddressing IncestdevicesAdolescence doesn't existAdolescence doesn't exist - (New Edition)Adolescent Self-Harm: scarification and Healing Through WritingdevicesAdopting a child from abroadAdulterydevicesAdulterylocal_libraryAdventure of Numbers (The)devicesAdventure of Numbers (The)local_libraryAdventure of the Human Species (The) - From Population Genetics to Cultural EvolutiondevicesAdvice psylocal_libraryAesthetic EmpathyAfrica and UsAfrican Urgency - Escaping the False Narratives of EmergenceAfrique entreprise - Africa invents its own growth modelAgainst All the OddsAgainst Harassment - at School, at Work, and On the NetAgainst Legalising CanabisdevicesAgainst the epidemic riskAgainst Uniform ThinkingdevicesAgainst Uniform Thinkinglocal_libraryAge of Humiliation (The) - Pathology International RelationsAge of Humiliation (The) - Pathology International RelationsAge of Predators: China, America, Russia, and Us (The)Age of the Elderly (The)devicesAge of the Elderly (The)Ageing Like a PhilosopherAgeing Well is Possible: I’ve Done ItdevicesAges of Gaia (The) - A Biography of Our Living EarthAges of Womanhood (The)devicesAggressionAggressionAgnelet, The Man No One LikeddevicesAgressionlocal_libraryAIDS in the WorldAIDS Revolution (The)devicesAir We Breathe (The)Albanian Passions - From Berisha to KosovoAlcohol, the Foremost Addiction - Overcoming a Chronic IllnessAlcoholismAlgeria Under the Vichy RegimedevicesAlgerian War (The) - French Combatants and Collective Memory, an EnquiryAlgerian War (1954-1962) (The)Algiers Putsch (The)Alive !All About Childrenlocal_libraryAll about endometriosis - Relieving pain, curing illnessAll about scholldevicesAll About Schoollocal_libraryAll ManAll NarcissistsAll the Best, George Bush: My Life and Other WritingsAlone in the UniverseAlternative MedicineAltersciencedevicesAlzheimer - Everything You Need to Know about Alzheimer’sAlzheimer's DiseaseAlzheimer's DiseaseAmazing Anatomy - The Human Body and EvolutiondevicesAmber Is InformeddevicesAmerica and UsdevicesAmerican DemocracyAmoeba and the Student (The) - University and Research: A State of EmergencyAmorous Biodiversity - Sex and EvolutiondevicesAmorous Relations Between Womenlocal_libraryAn Alphabet in Your MinddevicesAn Alternative View of AutismdevicesAn Announcement to Marie, Sarah, Agar and the others.... - Colloque Gypsy IVdevicesAn Anorexia PrimerAn Anthropologist in the French ParliamentAn Anthropologist in the French Parliamentlocal_libraryAn Apologia for Discretion - What does it mean to be part of the universe in the 21st century?An Apprenticeship in the UncertainAn Arab from France - A life beyond prejudiceAn Attic Full of Dreams - An Essay on Diachronic DreamingAn Ecological Currency to Save the PlanetAn Engineer at Democracy’s BedsidedevicesAn Enquiry in the CourtsdevicesAn Expert Patient - A Personal Testimony of Chronic IllnessAn Extraordinary Voyage to the Centre of the Brainlocal_libraryAn Inner StatueAn Inner Statuelocal_libraryAn Intelligent Dog Also Does Stupid Things…Analogy:Surfaces and Depths - A New Theory of MindAnatomies of Thought (The) - What do squid think about ?devicesand Alice Tao Remembered the FuturedevicesAnd at the Beginning there was Man...devicesAnd at the Beginning there was Man... - From Toumaï to Cro-Magnonlocal_libraryAnd Evolution Created Woman - Sexual Coercion and Violence in MenAnd Man Created the Animal - History of a ConditiondevicesAnd the Bush Became AshesAnd this is Justice - Punishment in a DemocracyAnimal IntelligenceAnimal Masters - Veterinarians in French Society (18th-20th Century)Animal, My Relation (The)Animals and Us - Our Emotions, Our Prejudices, Our ContradictionsAnimals in an Urban EnvironmentdevicesAnimals in TranslationAnita Conti - Twenty Thousand Leagues on the SeasdevicesAnorexiaAnorexia BulimiadevicesAnorexic Child (The) - Understanding and taking actiondevicesAnother day, another patient - Memoirs of a NeuropsychiatristAnother FranceAnother Path To Parenting - For Mindful and Thoughtful EducationAnother Regard Of SchizophreniadevicesAnother Way of Looking at the Universe - The art of seeing the invisiblelocal_libraryAnswers to any questions you may have about your child's FoodAnt and the Sociobiologist (The)Anthropology and the Cognitive Challenge (The)devicesAnti-Ageing Promise (My)local_libraryAnti-Cancer CookingAnti-Depression Diet (The) - Nutrition for a Positive Zen Approach to LifeAnticipating and Predicting - A Colloquium — From Thought to Mental JourneyAnxiety - Day by Day HealthAnxiety (New Edition) - Day by Day HealthAnxious Children and Adolescents - How to help them thrivedevicesApple and the Atom (The)devicesApple and the Atom (The)local_libraryArcheology of the Vanquished or History of the Victor?ArchitectdevicesArchitects of Heredity (The)Are Animals Philosophers? - Kantian Chickens and Aristotelian BonobosdevicesAre Sports Good for Your Health?devicesAre Sports Good for Your Health?Are We All Masochists?Are You Joking, Mr. Feynman?Are You Joking, Mr. Feynman?Areas of Intimacy - The Individual, the Couple, the Familylocal_librarydevicesArgumentative Indian (The)devicesArmenian Genocide (The)devicesArms of Seduction (The)devicesArms of Seduction (The)local_libraryAround Daniel Widlöcher: Psychoanalytical Conversations with Antoine Périer and Nicolas GeorgieffArrangements of Memory - Self-Portrait of a Deranged PsychiatristArt and IntentiondevicesArt Experience During the Enlightenment (The)Art of Baby Care (The)Art of Being Co-Parents (The) - How can parents best handle co-parenting?Art of Dealing With Old Age (The)Art of Financial War (The)Art of Giving Birth (The)Art of Looking After Babies (The)local_libraryArt of Persuasion (The)Art of Reading (The)local_libraryArt of the Garden and its History (Product of the Collège de France) (The)Artificial Intelligence and the Chimpanzees of the Future - For an Anthropology of IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence: The Very IdeaArtificial LifedevicesArtificial Man (The)Artists and Women in Avant-Garde MovementsdevicesAs Days Go ByAs Easy As Shedding PoundsAs Time Goes By - A Chronical of 2001-2002devicesAs Time Goes ByAsking "What if?" in HistoryAsking "What if?" in Historylocal_libraryAssert YourselfAssert Yourself! - For more productive relationships with othersAssert Yourself! (New Edition) - For more productive relationships with othersAsserting Oneself When Faced with Manipulation - Thwarting manipulation – a user’s guideAssisted Reproductive Technology: What Are the Limits? - Donor Anonymity, Same-Sex Parenting, SurrogacyAsthmaAsthmadevicesAstronomy of the Extreme UniversedevicesAt Humanity’s Spiritual Dawn - A New Approach to PrehistorydevicesAt Night, I Would Write SunsAt the Beginning of Psychological Life - The development of the small childAt the Core of MemorydevicesAt the Heart of Life Rhythms - Oscillating LifeAt the Heart of ResilienceAt the Heart of the MatterAt the Heart of the Suburbs - Codes, Rites and LanguagesdevicesAt the Heart of the Suburbs (Coll. Poche) - Codes, Rites and Languageslocal_libraryAt the Heart of UrbanityAt the Origins of Funerary Rituals - Seeing, Hiding, Making SacredAt the Risk of LovingdevicesAt the risk of the orderAtlas of Diasporas (The)Atom and France (The)Attachment - The Beginnings of AffectionAttachmentlocal_libraryAttachment (Coll. Opus) - The Beginnings of AffectionAttachment in 26 Questions - foreword to Boris CyrulnikAttentive Brain (The) - Improving Concentration With the NeurosciencesdevicesAttentive Brain (The) - Improving Concentration With the Neuroscienceslocal_libraryAudacity and the Market - The Invention of Marketing in the United StatesAudacity of Sapiens: How Humanity Was Formed (The)Auguste Comte - Politics and ScienceAutismdevicesAutism TodaydevicesAutism Todaylocal_libraryAutism: Explaining the EnigmaAutism: Explaining the Enigma (Coll. Opus)Autisms - Autism, cerebral tempo and consciousnessAutistic Brain (The)Autobiography of a VirusdevicesAutobiography of a Virus (The)local_libraryAutobiography of a Viruslocal_libraryAutobiography of ScarecrowdevicesAwakening of the Cat Fish (The)Awakening of the Cat Fish (The)local_library