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Crise in Financial Information - Accounting and Capitalism
Crisis Decision-Making in Businesses - 12 Tales of Governance
Crisis, Climate - How to Transform the French Economy
Currency and Capital - The New Patrimonial Economy
Deindustrialization in France - Looking Back on 30 Years
Digital Mutation, and the Human Responsibility of Leaders
Disorientated Finance
Disruptions in the World (The) - Acting to confront the disruptions in the world
Economic "Miracle" (The)
Economics of Needs (The)
Economists respond to populists
Electricity in Transition - What Europe and the markets couldn’t tell you
End of the Hegemony of the Dollar (The)
End of the West? (The)
Ending the Financial Illusion - In Defense of Real Growth
Ends of Worlds
Energy Transitions - Making the Right Choices
Equality and Inequalities - Volume 10
Euro For All (The)
Europe at Its Twilight? - A prospective Essay
Europe’s Wild Card - The Real Solution to Exit the Economic Crisis
Exorbitant Privilege - The Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System
Facing the Crisis - Building Blocks for a Politics of Civilisation
Finance Under the Magnifying Glass - Twelve Reforms to Restore Trust

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