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Vaccine War (The)
Assisted Reproductive Technology: What Are the Limits? - Donor Anonymity, Same-Sex Parenting, Surrogacy
Immunotherapy of cancers - History of a medical revolution
Medical Revolution In Cancer Treatment (The) - Story and Hope
Education and Life
Immune System’s Strategies (The) - Developing New Treatments for Major Diseases
Guide to the Main Medications and Their Generic Equivalents
Cancer: The Patient is a Human Being
Living Better with Diabetes - Third edition revised and expanded
End of Humanitarian Medicine (The)
Humans In Pain
Discovery of the AIDS virus (The) - The Truth about Gallo/Montagnier affair
Genius of Pasteur: Saving the ‘Poilus’ (The)
Prostate Cancer (The)
Breast Cancer - Knowledge Empowers
Hopes For a Long and Good Life

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